A Dalmatian locality of unique position perched between Vrana Lake and the dozen islands in front of it of which the biggest is Vrgada.

The biggest lake in Croatia is today a nature park and ornithological reserve with mystic remains of a Templar town and the most western located monument of the Turkish Empire – Mašković han. Pakoštane extends along several kilometres of coastline under the lake in its present lively Riviera. In the typical Dalmatian hospitality, stories of long past battles with Turks on land and sea are revived, in memory of  Jusuf Mašković, a local boy who became an admiral of the Turkish fleet and the genius works of brothers Franjo and Lucijan Vranjanin (Luciano Laurana) whose works are in Urbino, ideal Renaissance town in Italy,  and decorate the Unesco World Heritage List. Apartment village, top campsites, private accommodation, a palette of natural and cultural marvels and warm Mediterranean manifestations will make your days here be long remembered.